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Live Music? 'Setting the Scene' For Your Wedding

Music is a powerful force.  It helps us to express deep emotions, and can set the tone of any event.  In weddings, music can sometimes be an element that can be over looked.  It is a part of the ceremony that takes a back seat role, but has a huge impact on how your guests engage in your ceremony.


As a musician and a performer, I am always asking the question, "what does my audience need right now?".  My training as a musician and creative has taught me to always be in tuned to the needs of my audiences and curating my musical performance to peak their engagement. 

Kathryn Patricia

In the choice of having pre-recorded music, to no music at all.  I wholeheartedly support providing music for your ceremony!  If you are in a position to provide live music for your wedding it will be an investment in you and your guests experience.  Like any great film, the cinematic soundtrack draws you in to the story and journey of the characters.  Your wedding is your day to celebrate and showcase your love narrative.  With such an important story ,  it calls for a soundtrack that highlights the beautiful journey.