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My Creative Process: Crafting Wedding Musical Arrangements

As a musician and artist,  I continue to be fascinated by the art of story. Between work and life, sometimes we are moving so fast that we often forget to stop and reflect on precious life moments. My Creative Process stems from a desire to help my clients to capture special moments in their couple story, to fuel the musical soundtrack for their wedding ceremony.  In choosing music for your wedding, focusing on the following elements can help capture your journey musically:

Looking at Your Love Story Through a Cinematic Lense

We all have our favourite RomComs.  These are movies that draw us in with their heartfelt stories and scenes that remind us of the journeys, triumphs, and struggles in our own lives.  Viewing the opening of your ceremony as the the beginning of a film can help you to choose music that invites people into experiencing your love story.


Kathryn Patricia

 What do you want your guests to feel when entering your ceremony? What themes from your couple story do you want your guests to experience? 

Highlighting Your "MeetCute"

Sometimes when  you think about how you met your partner, it can seem ordinary or happen circumstance. Your love story is special and unique! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  Looking back and thinking on how you met, what were your initial feelings? What type of music, and books were impacting you at that time can help you unpack themes from the beginning of your journey together.

Reminiscing and Looking Forward


One of the wonderful things about the engagement period is that you can look back at how you have grown and get dreamy about who you want to be and what values you want to centre your lives around.  Going through this process, you can pull themes and choose music that represents how you want to start your future together, and what you want to be known for.


It Takes A Village...

Weddings are an investment and can be a huge production.  Along with the support of your family and friends,  there are so many elements that go into planning your special day: florists, caterers, and  wedding planners.  There are so many helping hands that are involved in the process.

As a wedding musician and creative professional, I am so thankful for the work my colleagues do, as it helps me to do my job of shaping, creating, and arranging music that brings cohesiveness to an event.


Finding partners in your wedding planning can help you to develop and execute your vision for your event.  To see a listing of some wedding vendors in Ottawa you should check out, click here 

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