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What's Your Love Story? Shaping Your Musical Narrative

Love is this funny thing, in that when you're in it, sometimes you can't always seem to pin point where the story began.  There are so many tender moments, heartfelt expressions that lead to "I love you" and sharing and building a life, that it can sometimes catch you by surprise.


Thankfully, the kind words of family and friends can help remind you of the moments that have shaped your couple journey.

After all they have had 'front row seats' to witnessing your love story unfold.   

Kathryn Patricia

We all know that weddings are a big investments.  We devote our time, energy, and resources to these celebrations because, falling in love is not an everyday event.  Just as you are a special and unique being, the love you and your partner share together will occur once in this lifetime. 


Developing a musical narrative for your ceremony will help highlight your journey so you and your guests can celebrate the narrative that life has brought you on, and cast a vision for the new phase of life you will share together.   

Music is a  powerful medium, in that it helps to express feelings that words can fall short of.  Focusing in on your love Narrative can help you to choose music that illuminates the journey.


My favourite part of my work is crafting musical arrangements that get to the heart a couple's narrative.  Highlighting ceremony themes, and characteristics help me to creative and arrange music that brings their story to life.


Music is an art form that was always meant to bring people together and showcase the beauty of life.  Getting in touch with your love story will help you to choose music that celebrate its unique identity.  After all, there isn't one like it!